Kayla Marie Coates

Kayla began her acting career at the age of five in her school's production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Little did that five-year-old Kayla know that gaining that role as an Oompa Loompa was only the beginning.


She continued doing theatre throughout grade school and high school, and joined her school's Comedy Sportz High School League Team in which she participated all four years and would go on to become the Co-Manager of their team her senior year. She now has over 8 years of improv and musical theatre experience under her belt.


While Kayla grew up doing theatre, she quickly discovered her desire for screen acting the summer going into her junior year of high school when her friend needed actors last minute for a student film they would be shooting the next morning. This film never ended up being fully produced, but nonetheless, that didn't deter Kayla one bit. She fell in love with the filmmaking process that day.

She began taking her acting career more seriously at that point and joined a teen intensive program at Margie Haber Studio in 2016 working mainly with Hamish Sturgeon and Diane Charles where she has been taking classes with them on and off ever since. 

For the past two years Kayla has had the rewarding opportunity to help direct and teach children whilst encouraging them to express their creativity and individuality through the inspiring program, Camp Bravo. She has always toyed with the idea of experimenting behind the camera and taking up directing (where her father ultimately sees her path going), and since she made the move to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a successful screen actress, that vague idea turned into a spark that ignited inside of herself. 

She decided to launch a Youtube channel called Positively Kayla Marie in February of 2021 where she discusses and destigmatizes taboo topics whilst embracing individuality and being positive and uplifting others.  She also uses that platform to begin organizing monthly beach and environment clean-ups in and around the LA and OC areas.

Also beginning in February, Kayla began her job as a Production Coordinator for Blackmagic Collective, a non-profit organization run by independent filmmakers for independent filmmakers, and for Heart on Fire Productions, her mentor's production company, which has only furthered her interest and desire to delve behind the camera. The Blackmagic Collective organization and community inspire and teach her every single day to help each other out and to fight for the underdogs. 

Kayla hopes to start a production company herself sometime down the line focusing on the underrepresented communities in the industry. She is setting out to create characters, cast up, and crew up with and for as many BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, disabled individuals (both physically and not) as possible and to tell stories through meaningful projects to help bring awareness to different issues in the world and about people. Kayla wants to make movies for the rest of her life whilst leaving a meaningful impact in this world in some way.

Her passions encompass being an activist, helping the community and aiding the houseless population, being positive and optimistic and emitting that energy into the world, saving and restoring the environment, and simply helping people in any way that she is able.

Kayla  is so elated for what the future has in store for her and all the amazing humans she will meet along the journey!